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Old Comments:

2009-01-05 09:18:11
...hae' ye nay heard o' Ireland o' Scotland, Laddy ? You clearly have no idea what you're talking about...
2009-01-05 08:46:11
When you drink, you lose your mind. And when you lose your mind, you could lose your life, your money, your integrity and dignity....! Thaht's why all religions, regardless of their teachings, prohibit drinking. Because mind is priceless to waste.
2008-08-17 01:37:16
Your right. My figure was for alcohol related deaths not alcohol related motor vehicle fatalities. I agree it should not be baned. It should be your own choice. I was just pointing out the very real cost. I wounder how many of the 16,000 thousand were innocent bystanders For some people it's hard to deal with reality without chemical assistance. Why have real friends when we can drug ourselves into thinking we're having a good time right?
2008-08-17 01:25:57
Sure, we should outlaw religious fanatics that kill people. In fact I think they already have.
2008-08-16 20:19:03
A lot of people died by being killed by religious fanatics too. Do you think we should outlaw religion? Maybe we should just outlaw everything that can be misused to kill someone, then everyone will be safe even if not happy.
2008-08-16 11:49:23
I did..most of the sources put the number of alcohol related motor vehicle fatalities in the US at around 16 or 17 thousand per year..everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but everyone is NOT entitled to their own facts..personally, I believe we should lower the legal drinking age to about 15 or 16, and raise the legal driving age to about 30...get those kids out of their cars and into the bars, where we could keep an eye on 'em..
2008-08-16 10:32:40
Google alcohol related deaths.
2008-08-16 09:14:25
Bullshit ! Where'd you get those figures, from a Baptist preacher ?
2008-08-16 09:05:59
In 2006 43,000 people died due to drunk drivers in the US.