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Old Comments:

2010-10-09 16:53:49
Many thanks for the interesting information about how Mr Parkinson took the photo, Big Bird. I'm the same as you about heights. I think I would've felt hesitant also about taking this photo as Mr Parkinson did in this picture...
2010-10-09 16:45:53
Andrew Parkinson received an award as '2009 Nature Photographer of the Year' for this photo. In order to take it, not only did he have to climb up to the high cliffs that the birds were diving off of, but he also had to lean out over the cliff into a very strong wind before taking the photo. This last step was necessary in order to keep his feet and shoes out of the photograph. This is very high up and a very steep drop. I am moderately afraid of heights and I would have been quite hesitant to go close to the edge and look down.