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Old Comments:

2009-11-16 04:27:08
Re: Einzelkampfer - looks to me like the sports ground in the angle between west st and north warren st. Check it out on Google Earth
2009-06-14 17:15:16
September 11th was the FIRST day of school in most on New York and New Jersey. That's one reason the death toll was not higher. Many parents were late that day, because they took their kids to school. Looking at this photo, I don't think there was or is a large tract of open ground that close to the WTC. This isn't Battery Park, either. I think it is a Photoshopped image, designed for effect.
2009-06-13 17:46:16
It might have been almost 8 years ago but I'll never forget =(
2008-10-04 02:55:08
uzicazbo, you little snotty punk, 1st--this is an advert in a SOUTH AFRICAN newspaper, 2nd--sit back and imagine 3,000 innocent civilians in YOUR shitty country dying for nothing. it's simple. OK, little bitch punk? now go sit in the corner and think about it.
2008-10-03 22:33:37
shut up guys. it's 7 years on. america needs to get the fuck over this.
2008-09-12 06:12:16
if this is a real advertisement, it is in the poorest of taste.
2008-08-02 16:03:39
This view shows reflection of sun on western side a building, long shadows also indicate late in the day. Maybe after school?
2008-07-12 17:00:27
seems pretty unlikely doesn't it? if it's Monday, shouldn't those kids be at school? (I'm not in the US, so forgive me if that's a school holiday or something)
2008-05-10 08:46:29
Why is it weird?.....Did something happen?
2008-02-19 09:54:03
tell me something about 9/11 that is NOT weird!
2008-02-19 09:50:17
is this ad real? if so, that is freakin weird..