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Old Comments:

2009-03-21 06:28:09
Well I don't watch/have TV and rarely listen to the radio talk shows. So I'll have to take your word on that comment. Wow! you sure made this a racial issue quick by claiming that only White males are clamoring on about how the new administration is screwing up. If I was a "White Male" I might have to take offense! The same people who you say are praying for the Obama Admin. to succeed are the same who have and have had their hands out waiting for some of that free money. Separate question: Why do you think the President dislikes handicapped people or at least thinks of them as lesser beings? I mean he made one his VP didn't he.
2009-03-21 06:00:14
The level of Republican desperation can be measured by the shrillness and intensity of their attacks. Unfortunately for them, the only people who care two hoots about any of what Abe is talking about are some of the Fox news political pundits, a few conservative radio talk-show hosts, and the frustrated, right-wing, working class white males who are their primary audience. Nearly everyone else in the country is pulling for the Obama team and praying that they succeed in cleaning up the mess created after years of mis-management and non-management of the economy by Republicans.
2009-03-21 05:10:48
Your not concerned that nearly three weeks ago congress and Geitner knew of the bonuses going to AIG but now they have lied to the American people and said they just found out a couple of days ago? You can go check the C-SPAN archives for March 03 to see them questioning Geitner about them. Your not concerned that Sen. Chris Dodd [D] put an amendment in the $787,000,000,000.00 stimulus bill saying that old contracts would be honored and bonuses could and would be paid. All of the house and senate dems voted for it and our new President signed the stimulus bill with this amendment in it. And know congress passes a special 90% tax on the AIG Exec retention bonuses. It doesn't worry you that they have singled out a group to apply this special tax. Which I'm pretty sure is un-constitutional. I'm not arguing on why the republicans lost. I'm just pointing out how the Republicans will get back on top without lifting a finger. Just sit back and wait for them to shoot all of their toes off and they don't have a leg to stand on. I'm just enjoying the show. And we're only a couple of months into it. Bang! Bang! What was that? Oh that was the president putting down those with special needs.
2009-03-21 04:16:10
Thanks to the Chaney/Bush adminstration and to McCain/Palin ticket for helping getting the Democrats elected.