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Old Comments:

2009-03-28 21:55:58 didn't vote for Bush ? Who'd you vote for then, Ralph Nader? Ron Paul ? The Vegetarian Party candidiate? Or did you write-in Lush Rimjob?
2009-03-28 21:25:32
Here you can see for yourself Barrys new jumbo prompter
2009-03-28 21:19:23
He traded in the tele-prompter for a giant size TV. I'll find and post a pic of it. And for your info. I did not vote for Bush in either election.
2009-03-28 20:32:09
Sorry, Abe...I don't watch the news on TV and seldom listen to the radio...I do read several newspapers and am aware of how desperate the Limbaugh Lickers are in their feckless attempts to somehow discredit our president.."Oh looky..he used a teleprompter!" "Oh Looky..he made a mistake in a speech !" That grotesquely obese tub of blubber, Jabba the Rush, who has become the messiah and chief cheerleader of the lunatic fringe rightwing loonies in this country is making himself and his obedient followers appear increasingly irrelevant and ridiculous.
2009-03-28 12:57:26
Try applying the 'constellation logic' to Michigan's Lake Orion and you'd be mispronouncing it. ;-)
2009-03-28 10:52:55
Don't tell me. Tell your buddy Obama. He's the one who kept saying "O-REE-On" earlier this week when he was talking about Orion Energy Systems. Come on patito you knew this one. Didn't you? My humor is pretty obscure but this should have been a gimme. Here's a link to help explain it better:
2009-03-28 10:26:31
O-rye-on...after the constellation of that name, "The Hunter," typically represented as holding a club, but the name is from the Greek Urinos, or "he who urinates," or, as the shepards and sailors who were the primary star gazers in those days would probably have called him, "the pisser." Take a look at him some clear night and see what you think he's doing...The nuclear-pulse space drive was to be propelled by a series of nuclear explosions. Probably would have been a pretty wild ride.
2009-03-28 07:45:36
Was that the O-ree-on, Or O-rye-on nuclear-pulse space drive?
2009-03-28 03:15:18
...and worked on the Orion nuclear-pulse space drive. Some people are hard to pigeon-hole.
2009-03-27 23:38:18
Just a note for those who don't have time to read the article...Dyson is a world-class scientist..he believes the climate is warming and that human activity is responsible at least in part, as do most scientists..he does NOT agree that the consequences will be as bad as many scientists fear they will, a very rare opinion among prominent scientists and the reason he's become controversial..Dyson is also a political liberal who loathed George Bush and is a big fan of Obama.
2009-03-27 22:05:42
An excellent article..Freeman Dyson is one of the great minds of our time...everyone with an opinion on global warming and it's consequences, pro or con, should read this. Thanks, Abe.