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Old Comments:

2009-11-23 18:24:13
It is best to do a search on the last name of the author only. Many authors use just their last name on some sites while using the full name on other sites. Case in point: jedzer / Marek Jedzer. On most sites where he posts his pics he just uses jedzer, but at least on one site he uses Marek Jedzer. If you seach by the last name only, you get both.
2009-11-23 06:32:52
It is OK...I did not consider you telling me I re-posted as an attack...not at all. I encourage anyone to let me know when I re-post, even if they use another name. I let you and others know when you do repost, and I hope it's not considered an attack; it's better than downvoting the photo. What I wanted to point out is that this is an example of not using proper tagging/captions and the correct photographer's name. I noticed you didn't post the photo of that church; it's really nice ;-)
2009-11-23 01:42:09
Connie, it's OK, I didn't write the comment to attack you, I just only want to say that some times it happens to post the same photo....
2009-11-22 19:20:48
Danis - I figure I owe you one, so I went in search of a chapel for you. If you google 'Chapel in the Woods' you'll see a PBase photo with the photographer's name of judyjo. I'm off to bed; but post it now, or I'll post it tomorrow morning ;-)
2009-11-22 18:22:50
I also searched under 'The Chapel' and nothing showed up; just now I searched 'Chapel' and yours showed up.
2009-11-22 18:19:50
I did search - using the full name Dirk Juergensen and your photo did not show up, but other photos of him did. After seeing your note, I did the search with D. Juergensen and it did show up. His photos always show his full first name ((Dirk), and that's the one that I used and should be used. I don't shorten a photographer's name. I don't mind if you downvote it. Like I've said, if I tell a poster that their download is a repost, I never downvote it. Why hit them twice...that would be mean. If I have to go through a several pages to check for a photo and find it already posted, or I find it wrongly tagged/caption, I don't say anything and I don't downvote. No one should be expected to check hundreds of photos or find the original post if improper tagging/caption was used. I never saw the photo you posted a couple of weeks ago, and I've got good visual memory. This is not surprising to me. I've seen photos under 'Recently commented' that I've never seen before...even recently posted ones (based on the comments). I can't figure that out.
2009-11-22 17:30:23
Hi Connie, this time you didn't search...I have post this photo about two weeks ago with the tags D.Juergensen and chapel, but It doesn't matter to me, it's a very beautiful photo and of course I will never downvote this picture..
2009-11-22 15:34:48
A lovely photo!