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Old Comments:

2010-05-29 13:40:12
Many thanks Skip for your very kind words. I appreciate them very much. Perhaps you are right about not labelling myself with depression, but at the same time, I can't deny that I have this illness either. I will just have to get on with things and go about life as best as I can. I very much enjoy talking to you as well, Skip. I hope that you will have a wonderful weekend. Take care... :)
2010-05-29 13:25:48
You're right, it's better to concentrate on the good things you do have, than the things you don't have. just a suggestion Mary, but maybe you should not label yourself with depression,,,I think it gets stuck in our thinking when we call ourselves something, and you have shown a good attititude here always trying to be friendly and positive..I think you do alot to make people around you feel good, so it shows you are making progress. I understand because I've been through some hard times too, but I think having a sense of humor is a really good sign that we are doing pretty good and they say laughing is really good for both your mental and your physical body. anyway, I'm glad I met you here, I always enjoy talking with you. :)
2010-05-29 12:40:34
True, Skip. I never watched that show, but still, I know what you mean. Why can't people lighten up ? I have depression but still I want to try to laugh, and to try and make others laugh too. I've gone on far too long being sad all the time. It's no fun when your tendency in life is to view the glass half empty instead of half full... :-(
2010-05-29 12:26:19
It's that way everywhere Mary, we just have to go right on joking, you know this place reminds me of that show cheers, we meet here often, and know each others nick names, and now thanks to some people with a sense of humor, we even have some virtual beer, or cereal! ;)
2010-05-29 12:10:44
Boy, some people can't take a joke around here, can they ?!
2010-05-29 09:35:41
Oh no, not the cereal poster again, and right on breakfast time too !! :-D (Only joking Cereal, of course)...
2010-05-29 07:12:16
Or maybe they just don't have much of a sense of humor...some people here seem to take all this stuff way too seriously..
2010-05-29 02:38:43
I like this photograph. It is professionaly done, crisp and well-defined and the colors balance nicely. It is of far better quality, technically, than many of the photos that appear on this site, and the subject matter, though perhaps somewhat pedestrian, is of something vital to the interests of everyone. There is certainly nothing here that could be construed as offensive to anyone. One might therefore reasonably suspect that those who are downvoting it have some secret agenda since the votes are clearly not a reflection of the merits of the photo or lack thereof.