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2010-06-22 01:48:43
Si senor ... Gracias a usted ... va a cambiar de los cafes ! A menos que encuentre un café sobre la plaza de Terlingua ... :-(
2010-06-22 01:01:58
Si Senora...mi casa y mi hogar es en el gran ciudad de Terlingua, paraiso en la tierra ! Voy a postar algunas fotografias de este lugar hermoso .
2010-06-21 23:39:40
:-) Terlingua es su ciudad ?
2010-06-21 23:38:12
I wish that I could live as you do, Libellule. That sounds so peaceful and relaxing. And yes, we use Celsius here in Australia and we are currently in winter now. It will be spring on the 1st September...
2010-06-21 23:35:13
LOL ! Oh believe me Terlingua Tom, I DO appreciate it, more than you know. I abhor hot weather and I love the cool. I'm not looking forward to summer from now, 6 months down the track... :(
2010-06-21 23:32:07
Celsius degrees Australia/France : but you are in winter and we are in summer ... I think that to live in the country is much easier and comfortable than to live in any town. And that, everywhere in the world. Remember I have lived more than 30 years near Paris ! Here, no noise, no crowd, no pb to park cars, roads empty, and so on. So people are less stressed, smile, take time to exchange some words, ... Life, real life !
2010-06-21 23:31:05
You ladies oughta appreciate and enjoy that nice cool weather. Out here in West Texas it is so hot you wouldn't believe it. Why, just the other day I was out ridin' and I saw a coyote chasin' a jackrabbit..and both of 'em was walkin' !
2010-06-21 21:35:39
That's what we've been getting too Libellule, around 16C. We have had lower temperatures than that though too. Next week, it will get to 17, but then go down to 13 on other days. I've had my heater on everyday for a little while. It got to 3C this morning, with a very thick fog. It's supposed to be like that tomorrow morning too. I can well imagine that Loire Valley-Touraine is a beautiful region. It sure looks beautiful in all the pictures I've seen of it. I must look up that photo of Loire Valley that I posted and once again see the names you put there. I think I would love to live in France. It would be truly beautiful. Thanks Libellule... :)
2010-06-21 20:18:20
Loire Valley-Touraine is a beautiful region, with a very soft climate.and a particularly blue sky. And not too far from Paris and the government. It is the reason why kings of France chose/have choosen Loire Valley to built their famous castles.... If you look for all the towns I told you some weeks ago, in each one, you will find a castle ... Here, today, it is "summer day". Usually we have around 25-30 Celsius degrees . (We "count" in Celsius degrees). And we have only 16-18. So yesterday, we've rekindled the fire in the fireplace :-(
2010-06-21 09:24:53
Hi Libellule, It is morning now and we are being greeted by a very thick fog. It is only 3 degrees Celsius here now. In Fahrenheit that would be 37.4. That is cold for us here in Melbourne, Australia. How beautiful and wonderful to live so close to something as beautiful as this castle, Libellule. I wish something so beautiful was as close to my place.... :(
2010-06-21 00:57:03
Good evening ! This castle is at one km from the village where I have spent my childhood ...And at three km from the castle of Chenonceau ...
2010-06-21 00:53:31