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Old Comments:

2011-02-03 10:00:43's still a pretty picture
2011-02-02 14:15:54
sorry, I thought maybe it was photoshop but not sure so I did not write photoshop
2011-02-02 13:39:33
This is not a Bence Mate photograph, but rather a crude photoshopped manipulation made from one of them. Hungarian photographer produced a portfolio of photos on leafcutter ants in Costa Rica that won him the award of the Veolla Environmental Photographer of the Year. In this portfolio, all of the leaves were green (unless black when in silhouette) and there were no reflections or mirror images. In this manipulation of his photograph, the 'cut' leaves have been artificially coloured and the final result is finished with an artificial 'mirror' image. Photoshopped images like this are sometimes quite interesting and sometimes fun, but they should never be represented as a realistic image as in this example.