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Old Comments:

2008-11-29 09:07:20
There are few things in this world more pathetic that listening to fucking Germans (and French for that matter) carry on about the immorality of Americans. FUCK GERMANY!!!
2008-11-20 22:29:31
I think the new admin. will definitely improve our reputation in the rest of the world. But no one can restore the lives of the kids who died because of Bush's arrogance and incompetence. He and his supporters will have to live with that, although as you can see, there are some who still can't or won't acknowledge their mistakes, and George is so isolated from reality he may never catch on.
2008-11-20 21:51:42
i couldn't agree with you more, patito! and since i'm european i can confirm your point about the bad reputation, america has got under bush. hopefully the new government will contribute to positive changes in all points you mention...
2008-11-20 08:58:38
It's too easy to get all of you so upset. I mean it way, way, too easy.
2008-11-19 21:41:30
Bush didn't fire Rumsfeld ( who John McCain called the worst Sec. of Defense in American history ) and start listening to "his senior officers" until the Republicans got their butts kicked in the mid-term congressional elections two years ago. How anybody can still defend the Bush team's monumental incompetence and stupidity is beyond my power to comprehend.
2008-11-19 20:44:50
Don't think Bush has ever been to Iraq, so how can you say he had the 'fortitude to stay' there. The troops are who had to stay there and fight. They had the fortitude.
2008-11-19 20:41:24
'they still went on to win in Iraq' Huh? Do you watch 'Wishful Thinking News' for your political info?
2008-11-19 18:04:49
good post, lilly! those who think that the US invaded iraq to make it a democracy or think that they fought for their freedom should wake up and realize that this war was made for commercial reasons!
2008-11-19 17:14:03
that's a strange use of the word 'win,' a bouts; did you learn your grammar from bill clinton?
2008-11-19 14:58:52
Really shouldn't be so hostile toward you many deaths for so many lame reasons. have you had a son , daughter , love one killed ? or the many innocent ? that is my reason . there is no excuse . bush is responsible for millions of deaths. THAT MAKES NO SENSE IN MY BOOK ...
2008-11-19 13:33:25
He had no sense...never should of happened...LAME duck...successful ???? All the Dead....REAL SUCCESSFUL !!! Price Tag... Priceless...EAT that OnE Algen...
2008-11-19 11:52:55
Bush did under estimate what it would take to turn Iraq into a successful democratic country. But he had the sense to listen to his senior officers on site and change tactics. He also had the fortitude to stay and see the job through when many urged him to cut and run. Will Obama and company have the strength of charter to persevere when things become tough ?
2008-11-19 10:58:26
If George W. had listened to Colin Powell and General Shenseki and the other senuor military officers who had actually been in ground combat, and gone into Iraq with enough soldiers to do the job, several thousand young Americans might not have lost their lives, and tens of thousands would not have been wounded and mutilated. But no, George took the advice of a bunch of 4-F, lard-ass, tough-talking, draft-dodging pussies like Carl Rove and Dick Cheney. Thank God Almighty our eight year long national nightmare is about to end.
2008-11-19 10:15:07
I like how they have Colin Powel MIA in the 2nd shot. They still went on to win in Iraq without him.
2008-11-19 09:26:26
Fuck Germany and Germans.