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Old Comments:

2008-06-04 20:46:23
Thank you, Redleg, for the first voice of reason on this page! I'm just as surprised as you are about why people don't check the facts before they write since they are sitting at the source! Preconceived ideas, superstitions and pet peeves take precedence, but they can hardly be called facts...
2008-06-04 20:24:24
DUBAI TE AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-05-12 00:38:55
First, The tower is in the Dubai City, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Two, Dubai City is hardly a shithole, I have seen worse in Europe, and 3) a majority of Dubai's revenues are from trade, manufacturing and financial services, revenues from petroleum and natural gas contribute less than 6% (as of 2006, revenues from natural resources, as a percent of the the total, have been decreasing since the early 1980s.) NOTE: All of this information of Dubai and its GNP was gathered from the web, and finding it took less time than typing up this comment.
2008-04-23 12:15:24
The Saudis don't deserve the tallest skyscraper in a country where women are treated like cattle. Maybe an unmanned 767 will bring it down.
2008-04-23 09:39:00
Dubai is what money looks like when it masturbates.
2008-04-23 05:33:42
The world's biggest tower in the world's biggest shithole "city." What a joke that the locals think Dubai will ever be sophisticated or impressive.
2008-04-23 03:30:34
nice one!
2008-04-22 23:55:33
This is what our OIL dollars are building.