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Posted By:Danis51

Old Comments:

2011-08-10 05:34:44
Ham and Eggs= Sheep and Goats...and Dwarfs :)
2011-08-10 04:55:41
Downvoting your comments simply means that the voter knows that you are telling a lie, nothing more and nothing less. Get over it patito, we are on to you.
2011-08-10 01:25:15
Ha ! Downvoting my comment simply proves that what I said was true ! Of course, who could blame you...buggering dwarfs is pretty disgusting bahvior whether they're trannies or not, so it's understandable that you don't want people to know about it. But you are making progress... at least dwarfs are a step up from sheep and goats : )
2011-08-10 00:32:38
Drooling over breakfast photos is better than drooling over photos of transvestite dwarfs buggering each other, which is how you get your pathetic little jollies.
2011-08-09 09:20:49
Real people eat breakfast, only retarded individuals (patito included) drool over breakfast photos.
2011-08-08 20:11:44
The wonderful thing about breakfast, of course, is that you get to do do it all over again tomorrow !
2011-08-08 17:18:27
Merci "poli" ! :)
2011-08-08 17:03:46
WOW ! :) Poli oraio/oreo ! :)