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Old Comments:

2011-01-13 13:38:51
Thanks, I appreciate :-)
2011-01-13 13:00:30
2011-01-13 04:05:40
Common juju... I didn't mean to hurt you. I make a 100* bigger mistake, it's nothing if you compare to my typos. Today instead Catarine I wrote Canarine. And yes, Catarine is blond. I really didn't mean to write it, it just come out of me unconsciously - probably because of this yellow race. At first she was shocked , then I was confused ,( what did I do?) at the end I turn red in face and start to apologize... Registers this and return when I make such thing. I'll lough with you to my typos... That's it. I didn't lough at you I lough at your typos, it's a big difference.
2011-01-13 01:49:24
You are so mean :-/
2011-01-13 01:04:44
rolf.. picture Bu jujuba! :D take it easy girl, nobody is perfect... and tnx for the lough of the day. :)
2011-01-13 00:43:35
Beautiful happy and quiet boy ! Congratulations !