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Old Comments:

2009-12-06 04:57:30
Funny....but don't you feel a little buit guilty, Patito ? Making fun of these clowns is almost like shooting fish in a barrel, isn't it ?
2009-12-06 04:42:01
Dear Mr Idiot, Thank you for reporting recent Clumsy and Pig-headed activity in your neighborhood. We suggest that you keep the suspicious parties under surveillance twenty four hours a day and report any further Clumsy or Pig-headed activities to our local field office in your area immediately. Sincerely, Macon A. Phuleovyu, Chief Security Officer
2009-12-06 04:17:56
You poor dear. All I see is that patito didn't get the acceptance of the Pixdaus-audience for his mediocre pics. btw.: "Dirty tongue"? You didn't read much of patitos comments, do you?
2009-12-06 04:09:54
You shouldn't try to sound funny, patito. Doesn't work. It always sound too clumsy and pig-headed...
2009-12-06 04:03:47
Dear Mr. Thanks: Your comment has been forwarded to the Snobby Answer Bureau of the Central Security Administration for further review. You may rest assured that should it be determined that any person or persons are, in fact, responding to legitimate questions with Snobby Answers, immediate and forceful measures will be taken to rectify the situation. Thank you for your courageous and patriotic action in reporting this matter. Sincerely, U. R. Jurkinoff, Deputy Assistant Secretary
2009-12-06 03:37:14
Upload better pics instead of giving snobby answers!
2009-12-05 15:15:35
Gabcon, are you playing Don Quichot or are you really so naÔve ? ;-)
2009-12-05 12:59:26
Why so much bikering over pictures? It seems to me that there are more inportant things you could be occuping your minds with! such as the on-going conflicts over health care issues! I know a great deal about this having worked in various fields of endeavor with many people working below me. I was always having to explain to one person or another the devastating efffects that bikering and stress can have on your health ..'often to deaf ears'. Yes, some stress can be good - It can motivate you and help you to be more productive. However too much stress, or a strong response to stress, is harmful. It can set you up for general poor health as well as specific physical or psychological illnesses like heart disease, depression, or infection. AND it can also lead to unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol abuse overeating and drugs. I was never prone to such things, having grown up in a healthy well rounded environment, but I will admit I have grown frustrated at the lack of intelligence the common person exhibits when dealing with stress! :-)
2009-12-05 10:11:26
Dear Mr. Thanks, We appreciate you bringing these matters to our attention. Your comment has been forwarded to the Comment Review Board at the Patito Center for the Arts and Humanities. Please be assured that your opinions are important to us, and we look forward with pleasure to insuring that your concerns are addressed. Note: Your comment of 12/4/09 has been placed on the Review Committee agenda for the next scheduled meeting. Note: The next scheduled meeting of the Review Committee is cheduled for 1 April, 2012. Sincerely, Haywood Jabuzzoff, Committee Secretary
2009-12-05 08:03:32
My poor dear, youíre really wrong. Thatís a real nice pic. It are your specs, which obviously are as dirty as your tongue. I think, Iíll upvote it. Wait and look Ö
2009-12-05 07:08:01
Smart-assy comments? That's all? Oh no: selfvoting of your own pics is another of your specialties! A look at the votes of your pics show me that I am right. I am not the only one who didn't like them... (Your answer will be: "You are the only one who vote them down!" bla bla bla... Please get some new ideas! Thank you.)
2009-12-05 06:33:19
Thank you again for your kind words and thoughtful commentary. It's clear that you are an individual with discerning taste and well-informed aesthetic sensibilities, not to mention a profound knowledge of the history of art and photography.
2009-12-05 06:29:18
Perhaps I have to say it with other words: your choice of pics is so damn boring! Your portfolio isn't something special, it is just boring! And only because you upload pics from vintage photographers doesn't make you an artist! And your smart-assy comments are no use!
2009-12-05 06:13:57
Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It's always pleasing to know that there are others who appreciate the work of Ben Shahn, one of our great early 20th century photographers.
2009-12-05 05:59:19
Your pics are so boring, patito. Not even something special, just boring!
2009-12-05 05:49:42
Another classic photo mangled by the Pixdaus Format Fairy... see it full-size