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Posted By:JackSparrow

Old Comments:

2009-10-01 06:08:37
still nada
2009-10-01 05:43:38
Check again, I gave a second shot. I think I know what happened.
2009-10-01 05:04:13
If these Beetles were Beatles the brown one would be John and the blue one would be Ringo - just my opinion though
2009-10-01 04:20:44
Hey Jack, did you make Addy swim the Atlantic? She has not arrived at my shores yet. Next time, buy her a plane ticket, at least. ;-)
2009-10-01 04:17:06
Funny how these things used to be so common and omnipresent...and now they're relics of a bygone era...drove one back in the 70's for a few fuel guage..when it ran out of gas you opened a little petcock under the dash that fed the engine from a reserve fuel tank that held about a gallon..and that would get you almost forty miles....