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Old Comments:

2010-02-22 08:48:01
Now don´t make me blush red pepper :P And who said that you have to be young to ask a lady to dance? ;-) I for once, love dancing, and spinning around the ballroom with my dad is one of the most unforgettable memories I have of him :-)
2010-02-21 13:45:22
very pretty feet indeed, if i were young i would ask you to put on your dancing shoes and dance with me for rest of your life
2010-01-20 10:47:43
Ha ha ha I hope you´re not just playing with me FBO ;-)
2010-01-20 10:22:11
You could be a foot super model
2010-01-20 08:37:41
Thanks fuzzy, you guys made me blush - I never thought that feet could be pretty :P
2010-01-20 08:36:02
Yes those are my feet (and the rest is me too, obviously :P) Someone from the family took the pic for me Poppy....uh-oh, I guess I should have asked for the permission from that person before posting it here? ;-)
2010-01-20 06:56:32
Those are some mighty pretty feet
2010-01-20 06:33:55 that you? If so, you have the prettiest feet that anyone is entitled to have! ;-) But how did you take the picture?
2010-01-20 06:18:47
It took more than two hours to have the palm and back of my hands and the feet painted...