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Old Comments:

2009-06-09 13:09:42
Yep..but that's just one "i" in Patito, ol' Pardner...
2009-06-09 11:37:21
Don't worry folks. Patiito and I go way back.
2009-06-09 11:05:00
Here is the video...
2009-06-08 15:03:45
ooohhh awe-inspiring, thought provoking, awesome commentaries from such a notorious hole of the really ought to have it, putito.
2009-06-08 09:52:20
I am uploading a video to youtube and I will post the link here when it is complete!
2009-06-08 09:18:01
One of these things makes passes over our house during air shows a couple of times a year...imagine the sound of four of the biggest semi truck tractors you ever saw going side by side in low gear a few hundred yards overhead... truly awe-inspiring..