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Old Comments:

2008-06-13 00:09:28
Sorry, cannot read Braille.
2008-06-12 23:23:57
2008-05-12 17:11:25
The weather is moist. I lived in the Azores for 7 years. It's a passion!
2008-05-12 10:26:11
Nice, I have pretty much the exact same picture from when I was there, but that was one sunny day, this picture is more dramatic.
2008-05-11 22:16:02
Very green. Must be a rainy place... How's the weather in June ?
2008-05-11 17:07:15
That is beautiful..I want to go there!
2008-05-11 16:50:38
A rapidly changing climate above and the feel of Atlantis below @ Azores, Portugal.