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Old Comments:

2008-02-29 20:48:48
I feel like this guy. You can not understand this. You will though in a year or so.
2008-02-24 20:10:53
Installed at National Harbor in Prince George’s County which is on the east banks of the Potomac River. Previously owned by Sculpture Foundation, it was available for sale for several years because Hains Point had been designated as a site for future memorials, according to the National Park Service.
2008-02-24 13:08:09
Great shot, by the way! The birds look like they are fleeing from him
2008-02-24 13:07:20
Unbelievable...I have never even seen a photo of it. Seems sad to have it moved...sold or not. Wonder where the buyer is going to put it...
2008-02-24 13:03:55
It was at Hains Point in Washington DC, where it had been for 27 years, before being unearthed last week to be moved to Virginia. The artist sold it. I still can't believe it's gone.
2008-02-24 12:48:27
Well, he does add perspective. Where is this taken?
2008-02-24 11:31:40
cut it ;)
2008-02-24 09:26:13
The photo would be perfect if there was no man on the right...