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Old Comments:

2010-03-25 12:59:30
Thanks Skip. Actually, I found it hard to find really nice photos of Portugal; none did it justice. This photo does not show the beauty of the beaches & coastline. I will look at Andre Pipa's photos on flickr.
2010-03-25 10:34:28
You did a good job describing it again connie, I don't know if you looked at Andre Pipa, on flickr but from what I could see Algarve and much of Portugal is still very beautiful, he even described it a lot like you did. I was really struck by the beautiful beaches and the turquoise color of the water, and the rocks like in this pic, it reminds me of the twelve Apostles,I'm surprised I haven't seen more pics of this place.
2010-03-25 09:14:04
The last two weeks, on my one-month trip to Portugal in June 1982, were spent in the maritime province of the Algarve Ė the southern part of Portugal. Its hundred miles of coastline was, in 1982, mostly undeveloped and unspoiled. There were miles and miles of almost continuous pale sandy beaches, dotted with oddly shaped, wave beaten yellow rocks. They reached towards a blue sky which melted into the sapphire coloured ocean. I felt as if they were sentinels beckoning the fishermen safely back to shore. Along the beaches were starkly white Moorish groups of houses; some were nestling around soft rolling hills. These houses formed fishing villages, whose inhabitants had lived there for generations. The quaint villages were quiet oasis until the siren sounded, recalling the fishermen back to shore. Then there would be bustling activity of the fishermen unloading their catch from their brightly painted Phoenician-looking boats. They and the fish mongers would cheerfully and loudly bargain. At night, I would stand on my balcony overlooking the Atlantic. There would be dozens of boats out fishing. In the distance, they looked like candles bopping merrily on the waves. Portugal is a beautiful land with beautiful people. After all these years, the land and its people still beckon me. Yet, I am afraid to go and see how different it is now (based on Google images); I donít want my memories to be tarnished. To travel in Portugal in 1982 was to travel in time. It was an incredible journey and food for this grateful travelerís soul.