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Old Comments:

2008-01-09 07:41:13
Hello Bjørn! I've heard you talked about this picture, but I've never got the chance to see it. I was just surfin' around on the net when I saw this picture. I thought it maybe was yours, and it was! Man, the world is small. Too bad you didn't get the chance to upload it to the Aftenposten-contest, you'd won it! I'm really impressed. See you at school!
2008-01-06 05:12:26
Beautiful, I was at Geilo so I didn't get to see this (the fireworks were great there as well). And screw our overprotecting government, hopefully I'm moving to the US next year for university.
2008-01-04 10:18:12
Too bad all fireworks are banned in Norway from now on...
2008-01-03 22:30:21
I was there, amazing to watch I wonder which of those were my fireworks (let off from somewhere near Frogner ... outside ring 2 of course ;) LOL ) Great Photo!!!
2008-01-03 19:09:55
>>>>>>>>>>>>> BORING
2008-01-03 13:18:25
Happy New year :) it's Awesome :) wishes, Samiha Esha :)
2008-01-03 02:15:37
Thank you. Yes, the photo was taken while standing on the (freezing cold) plateau in front of the (closed) restaurant at Frognerseteren. #8D)
2008-01-03 01:15:24
This is an uspn's photo. He writes:It was a single shot with a 7 second exposure.
2008-01-02 19:22:09
If you'd like I can give you an invite to my image host and you can upload the full size. I really want to see this!
2008-01-02 18:24:25
Absolutely fantastic photo, Bjørn Christian! Living in Oslo myself, I'm curious as to where this picture was taken from? I was on top of St. Hanshaugen at the time and though the view was beatiful from there, it's uncomparable to this marvel :)
2008-01-02 16:50:17
Wow, beautiful. How many seconds was the shutter open?
2008-01-02 13:23:12
Yes! Love the picture, love the concept.
2008-01-02 12:58:56
you must've frozen yo9ur butt off to take this picture. Very beautiful by the way!
2008-01-02 11:42:24
Awesome! I love this. Sounds like fun. Guess you don't worry about anything burning down their either at that time of year!
2008-01-02 09:01:18
im just amazed because i first though you also where up in the air, like in a helicopter, and i thought "who the hell would go up in the air at that time of the year" ;) great pic though
2008-01-02 08:07:21
Just to see more detail, really. If available, it would be great to get a look at.
2008-01-02 07:47:11
This is amazing... can you upload a higher resolution picture to flickr or another photo site.
2008-01-02 07:24:04
man, you are a true leader today at pizdaus!
2008-01-02 06:38:27
Well, I tried uploading one, but it got downscaled to this. The original is 2292x1135. Why?
2008-01-02 06:25:52
Do you have a high-res?
2008-01-02 02:55:11
Amazing, great photo..
2008-01-02 02:51:49
Simply awesome!
2008-01-02 02:48:37
In Norway there's no tradition for fireworks arranged by the city. It's too cold in January to gather downtown for the celebrations, so everyone just go out into their gardens or a nearby open spot, launch their rockets and then head back inside. The result is a view like this, with fireworks shooting up from absolutely everywhere at midnight on January 1.