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Old Comments:

2008-07-11 22:48:34
i heard however that it is not very tasty, nor tender... anyway: just because it tastes good and is healthy for us means that we should eat it. and even if we should not exploit it, because then our grandchildren will not be able to have some of that healthy stuff!
2008-07-09 17:43:18
Whale is actually very good. It's low in cholesterol ,high in omega fatty acids ,and pound for pound ,there are fewer bones than any other sea creature. You should all try whale !
2008-06-24 00:48:09
i was just out the door to go spear me a whale fredi, but because of your asking me to not engage into it i shall not. cunt.
2008-06-22 18:37:01
Great.... these nice whale... and then the analogy... just amazing! PS: Are you clinically insane ;) ?