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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2011-01-02 05:10:03
Hello Conmie Having fun? But why pick on COY - one of the nicest person on Pixdaus?
2011-01-01 14:21:11
Would your other name by 'Troublemaker' Troll Boomerang?
2011-01-01 12:53:05
No the someone else would not be Poppy - You nosy old busy body....get lost, that's my job..;-) Speaking of which COY has had a free ride here for too long..the party's over Coy, how dare you upload photos with no attribution what so ever - and no copyrite, showing complete disregard for the photographer's rights, and the rights of all nit picker's and busy body's around the world. I am pointing this out...a year later, in order to show how fair and impartial I am, and to show that I am clever and intelligent.
2011-01-01 11:35:28
Would the someone else be Poppy?
2011-01-01 09:42:06
Colorful Oaks, University Place, Houston, Texas - by J-a-x @ flickr. Beside the photographer's name it states "All rights reserved". Right below the photographer's name, it states "The Owner has disabled downloading of their photos". You and someone else have found a way to upload those photos somehow or other, showing complete disregard for the photographer's rights, and Pixdaus repeatedly allows you. Pixdaus have deleted photos I have posted because they were copyright - even sending me an e-mail saying one of them was a Getty image...which was not true. Yet, the great majority of photos posted on Pixdaus are copyright...except for the ones posted by PictureGirl and a couple of others.