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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-07-08 06:38:34
I don't know...something about that Bugs me.... And by the way, brilliant...
2009-07-08 05:16:02 sounds interesting...I shall search about it too....very fascinating :D
2009-07-08 04:37:14
This looks like the old Spanish presidio built on the ruins of the Main Temple Complex of the Templo de Huatzupdoc, near Rio de Santo Conejo, in northwest Mexico. Huatzupdoc,the Rabbit God, was a central figure in ancient meso-American art and mythology. A relatively benign diety among an otherwise rather grim pantheon, his priests wore large rabbit ears, ate nothing but carrots, and went about muttering the God's name.
2009-07-08 04:33:33
i'm sorry i dont know where it is,it didnt come with any info on the site where i found it
2009-07-08 01:37:02
where exactly is this??