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Old Comments:

2010-06-28 04:33:42
What is sure : I can "all cook real good" :-) Por lo demás, hay que pedir a otros que yo :-)
2010-06-25 02:46:17
Yes'um, I can get serious when and if it's abosolutely necessary, like maybe if somebody's shootin' in my direction or if I find a rattlesnake in my coffee pot..but generally speakin' I've found bein' serious anymore than you have to is sorta a liability in life..sets you up for gettin' throw'd, kicked and stomped can whomp us upside the head all it wants to, but if you can joke about it things don't seem so grim... the wouldn't happen to be one of them good smellin' French women, would ya' ?
2010-06-24 23:14:45
:-) Question : Are you sometines serious "just enough" ?
2010-06-24 00:30:15
Yes Ma'm, that is ol' Terlingua Tom, all right. I'd recognize that rascal a mile off. Me and him used to rustle wild ponies up around Marfa and Alpine and drive 'em down across the border to sell to the Mexican vaqueros. He's a rough ol' cob, but kinda tender-hearted. Don't think we robbed more than three or four banks in all them years we run together cause he always felt bad about takin' other folks' money, and I'm purty sure he didn't never shoot nobody that didn't need shootin'. Funny thing about him was he always had a soft spot fer French women..said they smelled better'n any other kind and they could all cook real good.
2010-06-23 23:15:05
Thankyou Libellule... :)
2010-06-23 22:53:02
I agree with you, Mary PG :-)
2010-06-23 22:36:45
And a man deep in thought...
2010-06-23 22:34:43
This man is you, Tom ? Clever eyes, smiling eyes, a good "portrait" ...