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Posted By:connie

Old Comments:

2009-02-17 06:20:05
My second ex-wife had a big husky..we lived on a farm where there was a big cypress water tank next to the leaked a good bit and would attract bees..that husky would sit out by the tank and be perfectly still till a bee flew in front of him, then CHOMP and it was bye bye bee..don't think they had a chance to sting him...he'd do that for hours..wasn't cause he was hungry..guess it was like some kind of sport to him...
2009-02-17 05:31:16
She'd gnaw on them awhile then maybe eat half and forget about it.
2009-02-17 04:50:34
Initial cost! ;-)
2009-02-17 04:47:33
Did she eat the squirrels? My brother had a favourite kind of dog. I've seen half huskies & half wolf - incredibly beautiful dogs!
2009-02-17 04:39:52
My old dog Ayla used to like squirrels. Of course she was Half Husky half Timber Wolf. She used to catch them in the backyard when they weren't paying attention.
2009-02-17 04:35:21
How could you A Bouts ;-) Dogs are not attracted to live animals for food. But, when cooked, yes. Mind you they do like very juicy raw beef bones.
2009-02-17 04:27:49
Tender? Yes. Love? Questionable. Tasty? You Bet!