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Old Comments:

2011-06-01 00:20:05
Others have posted his work here….particularly Jujuba (smart woman). HappyJack posted '(untitled) Colourful Caterpillars', and my friend (using one of her various names 'meow meow') posted one from my folder called 'The Awakening'. Happy Jack's post did not get the vote it deserved - very interesting colours for caterpillars. Jujuba posted the photo of the lion showing Lim’s name under the caption, then Ademir posted it showing Lim’s name under the caption (you forgot to check Ademir ;-), then Happy Jack who definitely forgot to check, and usually does. He, like some others, put Lim’s name under the tag...which is useless when doing a search. But, it's better than not showing the name - like jchip8. Lim is a fabulous photographer and hopefully others will post some more of his work. Most of his photos do not have a caption/title, so if you don't want someone posting what you did, you may want to put his name under the caption.
2011-06-01 00:14:10
It would be nice jchip8 if you made some effort at giving the photographer's name. In this photo, there was caption/title. This photo is one in a series called 'Lost in Time'. The photographer is Sam Lim and his work can be found mostly on, also on and I had a folder with most of his photos; I posted one in the series and only got 3 votes, so did not post more. It doesn't see to be to anyone's taste.