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Old Comments:

2010-08-15 15:01:08
I don't really know what tea does for the palace of the soul, but it'll sure send me to the throne, e're I drink too much of it.
2010-08-15 14:21:50
@ Skip: ok!
2010-08-15 09:25:27
Tea does our fancy aid , Repress those vapours which the head invade, And keeps that palace of the soul serene. Edmund Waller
2010-08-15 09:21:45
"If a man has no tea in him he is incapable of understanding truth or beauty." Japanese Proverb
2010-08-15 09:07:13
I'm not defending him. No matter who you accuse of cheating and going on and on about it, I would still say the same thing.
2010-08-15 06:54:11
It is your obsession with defending Patito that is really getting annoying. If Patito would stop cheating then all of this would end!
2010-08-15 05:24:19
You and Jujuba write to each other? How did you manage to do that without giving away your address on Pixdaus? Very nice if you managed it ;-) This obsession with Patito cheating etc is really getting annoying.
2010-08-15 04:55:20
"There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a cup of tea."
2010-08-15 04:43:59
"Tea for two, and two for tea, Just me for you and you for me... Oh can't you see how happy we would be..." from 'No,No, Nanette' 1925
2010-08-15 04:24:34
I'm good thanks, how are you? write me and we can talk more ok?
2010-08-15 04:17:54
First of all, hi how have you been? Long time no talk :-) How can you be so sure who wrote that ?
2010-08-15 04:16:21
I do care but I also know whats going on here and who wrote that
2010-08-15 04:02:10
Sorry to say Skip, but we should care about what´s going on in this site, it´s turning into a big joke!
2010-08-15 01:00:28
I like your latest nick Miss sounds like a nosy ole busybody....where are your pics? and how many votes do thay have? oh nevermind, I just don't care....:)
2010-08-15 00:30:53
Too much votes for a bad picture. Exclusiv cheating by Patito!