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Old Comments:

2010-11-03 15:39:23
Well dear patito, I see you have resorted to your next ploy, voting down my comments and voting up yours. Funny thing is that only you and I even care about this, nobody else, even if they read all of this, is going to bother with voting; so these votes (+ or -) are essentially yours. I realize that, nobody else even cares, and you are getting all steamed up. This is fun, you are really easy to get all worked up.
2010-11-03 13:59:08
In your dreams, Larry.
2010-11-03 13:52:17
Goody, goody, I'm getting you really steamed up.
2010-11-03 13:46:10
Oh, boy..are you ever consumed by your own ego and your monomaniacal fantasies. Listen, bother me about as much as a gnat bite on my ass. I've been attacked and run at by some really nasty trolls over the past few years...big hairy trolls with long claws and fangs and really bad attitudes...trolls who've threatened me with violent bloody murder and dismemberment ... and compared to them you're just a little pussy cream puff.
2010-11-03 13:28:35
Thank you patito, for your prompt reply and courteous remarks. My primary purpose is to get under your skin and on your nerves, and apparently I am accomplishing that very well.
2010-11-03 13:19:03
Yes, enough is enough, you sanctimonius lardass pussified wimp. In addition to being one of the world's most opinionated buttholes, you know about as much about art and photography and style as a hog knows about a side saddle. Please, Mr. Sheldon, stuff your pedestrian, bourgeois aesthetic standards up your ample backside and shut your fat mouth.
2010-11-03 12:32:02
Enough is enough patito (aka Tea Time). Nobody on Pixdaus is interested in these 'tea' photos. And very few, if any, are deceived by your felonious upvoting of them to make it look like they are. I am quite sure that the 12 votes that this post has received were all made by you or by somebody acting as your lackey. And please Mr. patito, when you respond to this, watch your language. The language that you commonly use has no more place here than these rather ordinary 'tea' pictures.