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Old Comments:

2010-10-08 08:49:58
I know because I watch constantly the votes of every pic of Patito or any poster I suspect might be Patito. I stay here 24-7 and count each vote, so I can catch the sneaky Patito as he up-vote and cheat. This I do because I hate the Patito because he is evil and is wickedness incarnate, and he say very bad things about me and also he say bad things about my momma too. That is why I watch all the site every minute and constantly count the votes. I have time to do this because I never go out, since I have very rare birth defect which disfigure me. I was born with my anus directly between my eyes in the middle of my forehead..very odd looking indeed it make me look, and plus I have dark thick hair all over my body and face, so when I go out it make people look away and little children scream and cry, so I stay home and try to catch the wicked Patito as he cheat. It give meaning to my otherwise dismal, pathetic and unhappy life.
2010-10-08 08:33:17
how do you know this is true ?
2010-10-08 05:17:50
Every TeaTime pic was upvoted with +40 (!) votes! No Connie, it wasn't Patito! He is the most honourable man at this page... yawn!