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Posted By:Danis51

Old Comments:

2009-06-27 18:24:49
All these feelings that you describe libellule,ONLY people like you with so gentle and warm soul can feel them. Thank you so much...
2009-06-27 16:55:33
"They" vote down because they don't feel ... the little, small warmness of the sun under the tree, the light wind on their faces, on their legs, on their bodies, the very thin sand under their feet, the sound of the gentle waves, and colors in their eyes, blue - sky, sea - yellow sand, dark green tree, and indescribable subtle scents, and these charming colored chairs in wood, "hard" under their nude legs, and, in this morning, waiting of some Greek cold yoghourts, with this so smelling Greek honey, so sweet on their tongue, and SILENCE because people are not speaking, listening in all this purety all around ...