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Old Comments:

2010-08-02 10:17:57
That's no worry, Coy... :)
2010-08-02 04:11:52
P.G. you are correct about the ice-floats. Guess I did not look close enough before..
2010-08-01 14:27:45
LOL !! Yes, I did say that, didn't I... :-D
2010-08-01 14:01:50
And you said you were not being able to find good photos in Flickr CC ;-) Loved it! :-)
2010-08-01 09:54:55
I am most humbled by your very kind words, nobodyisperfect. Many thanks.... :)
2010-08-01 09:53:54
Thankyou nan6230. Glad you like the photo. I think Greenland is a beautiful country too... :)
2010-08-01 09:51:19
Thankyou Coy. I'm glad that it gave you happy memories. I some how though think that those white things in the water are blocks of ice instead of waves. I think I'm correct about that. Hope your night is going well, Coy. Take care... :)
2010-08-01 03:32:11
Excellent photo. What a beautiful country!
2010-08-01 01:57:21
Very good photo P.G..The sea was a little choppy that night. Reminds me of my good-ole Navy days.
2010-07-31 21:59:32