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Old Comments:

2010-06-03 06:20:53
Gato Primero.."Mira...personas humanos." Gato Segundo.."Si..y no tienen armas..solamente un camera." Gato Tercero.."Bueno, muchachos..vayamos patada sus culas!"
2010-06-03 01:34:31
Never mind, Peasant. That's ok... :-)
2010-06-03 00:59:55
hmh... It supposed to be Spanish lynx... Didn't work as well as I imagine. :(
2010-06-03 00:26:44
Or should that be WERE people talking Spanish ?
2010-06-03 00:25:46
Sorry Peasant, but is this link supposed to be with this clip ? All I heard was people talking Spanish...
2010-06-03 00:14:24
2010-06-03 00:14:04
2010-06-03 00:08:24
What a shame we can't have audio on here... :( Hopefully, they are trying to say hello...
2010-06-03 00:02:37
Lynx1: Look at this pixdaus user Lynx3: He's gonna give us a plus vote Lynx2: Sure
2010-06-02 23:55:30
What does they say? ;-)