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Old Comments:

2012-01-15 01:24:28
That is photoshopped. Definetly. That should also be on the list of types of torture.
2008-05-30 12:24:20
No thanks, if I take that banana it might turn into something else.
2008-05-29 11:49:49
She's is the Matrix dominatrix. "Our bananas are not made of latex!"
2008-05-29 02:39:45
2008-05-29 01:58:47
How many times have you heard "I didn't know the banana was loaded."? Please help stop this senseless carnage. Friends, please take a moment of your time to donate to the Center For The Prevention of Fruit Violence.
2008-05-27 16:17:03
"Dodge this"
2008-05-24 07:26:05
dude it's Trinity. she could blow air on you and you'd hit the ground. imagine what she could do banging you across the forehead with a banana!
2008-05-24 04:10:57
fyi: rude, homophobic , racist, sexist, vulgar and stupid. Your comments show how sick your mind is. Get a job!
2008-05-24 03:44:58
dude, Trinity whacks you with a banana, you go DOWN.