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Old Comments:

2009-03-31 06:35:09
you naled it Texh He is just a glorified radio announcer.
2009-03-30 21:58:28
Can't speak for anyone else but not only have I listened to ol' Lush, I remember distinctly the very first time I ever heard him. It was back before the First Gulf War and I was painting the interior of a house my wife owned in Austin. Back then a few people around the country were organizing events and protests to try and persuade the government not to go into Kuwait. Whether those people were right or wrong is irrelevant: they were exercizing their rights as citizens. But ol' Lush said, referring to those folks who thought the war might be a bad idea, "Those people are not against the war ! Those people are against America !" I recall being surprised that anyone would say something like that . Huh ? Against America ? It was immediately clear to me that here was a guy who really didn't understand democracy and didn't understand what it means to be a loyal, responsible, patriotic citizen. Ol' Lush thinks being a loyal American means agreeing with him about everything. Sorry, Pal, but that ain't the way it is. I spent four years of my young life defending not only my right but every American's right to express his or her opinion on any action or policy of government without having their patriotism impugned. Ol' Lush just doesn't get it. Bit I will give him this...he's a very talented man. He has the remarkable ability to express his opinions with such profound and expressive authority that it makes him sound as if he knows what he's talking about. Therein lies the problem...they are just his opinions. The man is actually intellectually shallow, poorly educated, and doesn't really know his ass from a hole in the ground...he just sounds like he does. It's like when those guys in Las Vegas appear to make a tiger disappear, or saw a lady in's an illusion. It's Show Business. Lush, like the magicians in Vegas,is a performer and an entertainer, and a good one. But that's all he is. The times when I've listened to him have usually been while driving. It can take a while to motor across Texas and out in the middle of it you'll listen to anything your radio will pick up, even if it's ol' Lush. And he can be amusing. But he's always made me think about something I heard my Granddad say one time. "If there's any bigger fool than a fellow who thinks he knows everything, it's the man who takes his advice."
2009-03-30 09:16:47
If I could make $5,0000,000.00/year by preaching things that made sense and angered only people who never look beyond next week, I'd do the same thing. I believe he's a good entertainer who will when it's expedient, move anywhere in the world that suits his fancy and live as any other gazillionair lives. AND convince his followers that he was made to leave. This is one very cleaver cleaver man.
2009-03-30 08:41:18
Did you read the L.A. Times article?
2009-03-30 05:16:51
Here is the whole link to the L.A. Times Article: