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Old Comments:

2010-11-04 12:44:26
This is pretty beyond words Steve :-)
2010-10-19 22:56:29
You're very welcome. Yes, maybe you ARE hungry. Makes me hungry looking at them too... :) Btw, I meant to say to you Dingbat, that the photos you post here are very beautiful. I enjoy looking at them alot... :)
2010-10-19 22:53:14
thanks, picturegirl. i must be hungry, or something :)
2010-10-19 22:45:54
LOL ! That's very funny, Dingbat. They sure look like donuts, don't they ?
2010-10-19 22:42:38
the garlands around the tree are made of leftovers from Dunkin’ Donuts :D
2010-10-17 01:08:10
This was taken at an arboretum that puts artwork all throughout the gardens. I'm not sure exactly what is wrapped around the tree, but it isn't a vine or anything like that. Very neat place though...
2010-10-16 12:31:05
I wonder what it is that is wrapped around the tree ?
2010-10-16 12:23:27
Wonderful pic Stevedog, the perfect place to relax with a book or even have a picnic. :)