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Old Comments:

2009-03-14 22:20:18
People are leaving off their tags. Its no wonder there are so many duplicates.
2009-02-11 07:58:30
I lean the motion
2009-02-05 07:50:51
Hey Zmi...I've been looking at stuff here for a couple of years now, and in that time the quality of photos has gone downhill a good problem is the people who post good stuff become disgusted with the people posting mediocre travel-brochure scenery and girlie photos who then turn around and vote for their own pictures, at least partly because nobody else would vote for their good posters leave and the mediocre hacks stick around...sad situation..I hope you'll think it over and decide to stick around a for your English, it isn't all that's kinda like my Spanish..native speakers understand me but sometimes they laugh..
2009-02-05 07:38:13
I agree zmih that there is too much a concern to get a LOT of votes, so you have MASSIVE posters and some cheating. It's too back that people can vote - comments for feedback should be sufficient. The enjoyment should be to upload for sharing photos that we love and hope others will. I find the 'Comments' are good for a laugh, and for sharing ideas.
2009-02-05 02:40:45
Could. If you encounter an image that will set me giggle, I would. But under a new nickname. Sea Lemon works ok to me. zmih comes from the first letters of my name and the other three of the surname, so I was a little queasily use that nick. There is here a negative emotion because of competitive nature of this address. To be popular I never was a goal or desire.
2009-02-05 02:30:05
Sorry to see you go - Perhaps if you see a really great pic you could drop it off here occasionally.
2009-02-05 02:23:39
Yes, I am going. I became bored here. There are no more interesting and cool image, only nice pictures. It has a lot of other sites with such images. I'm not saying that this is not a good address for a good picture. From here I took a lot of good pictures and I felt obligatory return at least part of what I took. When you reach the top list I think I returned that I took. In addition, nervous me to write in English. After each post feels like I killed the frog with the spoon. The result is the same. Strange and disorderly.
2009-02-05 01:26:30
Be patient please. I'm here until I come to the top list and then go. On Monday you will no longer have to put tag for me.