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Old Comments:

2009-01-20 14:41:40
Oh yeah, lots of icing on the cake! But, poor A Boots!
2009-01-20 13:17:25
A**H**A (lamp lights up in brain). No kidding, I've noticed some animosities going on here, people crying for other people, falling on their knees, using hundreds of different (idiotic) nicks, trying to outcompete others by these stupid points with pictures you find in every travel magazine... a split personality just adds the topping to the cake, don't you think?
2009-01-19 17:14:21
hijo - B Bouts is A Bouts' bratty pain in the butt infuriating damn nuisance shadow. You see, A Bouts suffers from having a split personality...good/bad, angel/devil, ego/alter-ego, yin/yang... You're new at Pixdaus, so you don't know or understand all the players, so let me explain it to you - Pixdaus is simply just another name for the 'loonie bin'. Every once in a while, a loonie escapes from the bin and creates havoc on its inhabitants. Simple, eh?
2009-01-19 14:28:36
Thanks for the info!
2009-01-19 14:24:32
Real brother.
2009-01-19 14:14:01
Your real or your Pixdaus brother ;-)
2009-01-19 14:11:36
My brother is *A Bouts*
2009-01-19 13:26:13
This has just been posted by A Bouts. What's the deal here???