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Old Comments:

2011-02-07 10:17:35
Many thanks for your feedback too with this, COY. I am also sorry that this is the case with you too with the login. I hope that this will only be temporary and will not be a permanent fixture. Maybe Pixdaus is trying to discourage people from logging in all the time if some people are only logging in to make trouble. Anyway, I guess all will be revealed soon enough..... I hope.... :)
2011-02-07 10:14:44
I'm glad for me that it's not just me that this is happening to, but I'm sorry that it has been happening to you as well, Jujuba. I hope that this will only be temporary and means the long awaited arrival of the new platform is FINALLY going to happen. Many thanks for the feedback with this as well... :)
2011-02-07 10:12:26
Now you see what happens when you put things under water ? They just don't work as well anymore.... I'm only joking.... :) Actually this problem of comments going under the wrong comment, has gone on for awhile now. But it is a little annoying when you see this happening. I am hoping that the 'new platform' might fix this. Let's hope so.... :)
2011-02-07 10:03:43
Yes, P.G. I have been having to log back in if I do not use the site for as little as perhaps 10 min. A pain really. Perhaps this is part of the new system. I hope not tho..
2011-02-07 09:49:38
@ Mary - that login thing has been happening to me as well...
2011-02-07 09:44:22
Mary, none of my comments on this page went at its right place ... I think Danis is clever enough to put them at their right places .... I hope the reasons are "New platform" :) For me, many "thinks" worked/have worked bad/badly since "underwater race". It is to say two-three weeks ago. But I go on to hope :) ... "Wait and see" ...
2011-02-07 09:09:10
My comment went to the wrong place. Apologies for that. It was meant to go under Libellule's comment about the new platform....
2011-02-07 09:07:57
Maybe they ARE trying out the new platform. For a few days now if I have been logged in and I don't work on Pixdaus for a certain amount of time, Pixdaus will put the log in boxes on the top of the page for me to log in again. Is anyone else having this problem ?
2011-02-07 03:44:00
Σας ευχαριστώ, Δάνης, έχοντας τοποθετήσει μια εικόνα για μένα. Μια φωτογραφία ενός τόπου που αγαπώ για πάντα.
2011-02-07 03:36:02
In the site, there are a lot of Christine von Diepenbroek's pictures. Some series are called : "Stories without sense" or "Surreal" ...
2011-02-07 03:26:22
Yes in "Frankfurt" too, I just wanted to say...merci beaucoup! :)
2011-02-07 02:44:56
There is "Frankfurt" also :) They are trying their new plateform, and they meet some bugs ? Peasant has/had some problems like yours...
2011-02-07 01:48:52
I can't write comment under the photo of Patmos monastery ( I don't know why)....
2011-02-07 01:37:19
I don't know, it is curious, that's why I posted...
2011-02-06 19:48:37
How to explain ? Why these penguins are "rested" like that ?