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Old Comments:

2009-10-13 07:45:09
Darn sure I would not have eaten the last piece. When I see a Coolwhip container I shudder and don't go near it. I have 25% less fat real whipping cream..
2009-10-13 00:22:57
Phew, thanks, Patito! I'll go & get it right now... You don't mind if I swipe the turkey, too?
2009-10-13 00:02:13
Naw, Ms P..we didn't forget you...your piece of pie is on the second shelf of the icebox in the Coolwhip container behind the left-over turkey....I hid it there so JS and Ms C wouldn't eat up every last damn know how they are when they get a sniff of rum....
2009-10-12 23:47:11
This one looks the best for me, too. I especially like the 'rum' part. What I don't appreciate is this: you people always have the parties when I am in SlumberLand and just leave me the leftovers, if that.... What kind of friends are you, eh? ;-)
2009-10-12 15:08:45
No wonder I liked it...hic...burp!!!
2009-10-12 13:53:48
Rum!? Save some for me!
2009-10-12 13:39:22
Not surprisng.. Aunt Maud added a pint of rum to that one !
2009-10-12 12:19:48
I think this one is tastier than the other two - has a zing to it ;-)