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Old Comments:

2010-04-23 10:20:26
We need some others to join in, I know jujuba was interested, but we may have started to early for some people, that's ok,I guess we can just keep it going till everybody has a chance...I mean if people are interested.
2010-04-23 09:56:34
Not quite yet. But I will soon... :)
2010-04-23 09:33:38
I know Mary, I was thinking of that song when I said it, :)... just hoping to create a party atmosphere. are you ready to post?
2010-04-23 09:31:39
That was meant to say, I heardf it on. Sorry about the missing word... :(
2010-04-23 09:30:25
You make me think of that song Skip that says, 'I'm comin' up, so we better get this party started'. Not sure what it's called, but they are the words. I've heard on TV behind some segments on a show and on a show where they have kids singing other people's songs. I've just checked the lyrics to that song and it is sung by an artist called, 'Pink'.... :)
2010-04-23 08:35:25
If people want to start tonight it's fine with me, it's still thursday here, but that's not important. I hope everyone will join in and I mean everyone, we can all get along to have some fun, we have done it before, and if fuzzy blue one and jacksparrow are watching please join in, I thought I might have trouble finding funny pics but it was easy, I already had some laughs just doing that, So lets get this party started! :))
2010-04-22 20:58:19
Good idea, Skip! We need some light entertainment here, for sure. Would the Friday start when the Pixdaus day changes to Friday today at 8 p.m. GMT (9 p.m. London time)?
2010-04-22 07:49:18
Thanks Danis and jujuba, I hope some other people will let us know before this pic is gone, maybe I should have posted a funnier pic ;) Even if just the three of us post them, usually other people join in after we get it started, and we can have some fun commenting on them too. So get your funny animal pics ready for friday, and we can Party! :)
2010-04-22 06:44:20
ok skip!
2010-04-22 05:22:00
Im game! (if Im around) ;-)
2010-04-22 03:40:54
Hi Everyone, I was thinking maybe we could have some fun this friday, and have one of our races,and it would be great if everyone would join in, for the new people,we call them races, but they are not really races, we just pick a theme like trains or houses, and we all post under that theme. I was noticing a lot of cute animal pics lately, so I thought maybe (funny animals) would be a good theme, if you're interested please leave some comments here.I know everyone has different time zones, so I thought anytime friday might be good. anyway we might have a few laughs! :)