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Posted By:Cohise

Old Comments:

2008-12-28 00:29:33
Thanks Ms P...guilty as charged...but I'm not sure the ability to write doggerel verse constitutes genius..or, to paraphrase an old saying..."If I'm so smart, why ain't I rich ?"
2008-12-27 23:57:04
If you wrote that, you're a genius, otherwise it sounds like Ogden Nash... which is not bad company to keep.
2008-12-27 23:15:45
You ever wonder how it'd feel, If you'd been born a moray eel? And lived in a place all wet and watery, one of the loosers in life's big lottery? And look real ugly, grim and viscious, and think that raw fish tastes delicious? And have those beady little eyes, and that goofy look of dumb surprise? There're lots of reasons to be real happy, that eels weren't your mammy or your pappy !