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Old Comments:

2009-09-26 01:30:20
Fuzzy, after watching that video, I guess I wont get any close to places with geese :-| What was up with that thing? So stubborn, it wouldnīt give up, even after the guy started speeding up the boat, lol....
2009-09-26 01:26:49
"that's when you find out how fast you can row" - he he thatīs so hilarious! :P Now I laugh of it all, probably wonīt laugh the day I encounter one :-| Donīt have them around here, so Iīm safe for now. ;)
2009-09-26 01:24:31
He he he it sounds a bit funny having that kind of story on the front page of the paper...sounds like small, countryside town news ;)
2009-09-25 23:09:38
That reminds me of this video from youtube Its a goose not a swan but you get the idea
2009-09-25 21:09:36 my student days I used to row on a lake in Austin on which there were a bunch of swans, and we learned to stay well clear of them....they would come right at you, wings spread, as if they intended to get right in the boat and do some serious head-peckin'...that's when you find out how fast you can row...
2009-09-25 17:10:43
Well actually I did learn that swans are not as peaceful as they look, they can be very fierce when protecting their babies or even their territory. I never had any problems with the one's on the swamp, but in that town they had an ongoing dispute in the paper about swans attacking people on the lake, mostly people on jet skies I think, and I had to side with the swans on that one ...ok I'm through talking too much for the night! ;)
2009-09-25 16:48:18
I most likely would ;) Maybe we could even get to learn something about birds :P
2009-09-25 16:41:19
Yes you see all kinds of animals there, and it was a great place for campfires too, but I wish I knew my birds better, on second thought, I don't think it was a heron just a bird with a very long beak that I had never seen before. It was very zen there jujuba, you would have liked it :)
2009-09-25 16:12:50
That is so nice Skip :) I guess you even get to see more wildlife in a swamp than in a lake...
2009-09-25 15:38:23
Interesting story, and beautiful pic jujuba! I use to live on a property that had a swamp in the back yard and really even though it was a swamp (not a lake:) I got to see a lot of great birds like swans and herons, I miss that place!
2009-09-25 12:10:06
Additional details by the photographer: On the right side of the picture you can see the high tower, Belfort (belfry), which was built in the 13th century, when Brugge was a bustling trade centre. Today you can climb on the top and admire the view of the city. The swan is one of the symbols of Brugge. The legend has it that in 1488 the people of Brugge had executed one of the town administrators belonging to the court of Maximilian of Austria, husband and successor of duchess Mary of Burgundy. The town administrator was called 'Pieter Lanchals', a name which means 'long neck'. The Lanchals family coat of arms featured a white swan. According to the legend Maximilian punished Brugege by obliging the population to keep swans on their lakes and canals till eternity. What a good punishment ;)