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Old Comments:

2009-09-21 10:58:50
Logan..I almost always vote for your photos..not because I like you or think you're a nice guy, but because your photos are consistently above average...simple as that.....don't be discouraged...quality will usually win out in the long run...unless, of course, you antagonize the advice: lay low, post good photos...
2009-09-21 08:54:55
This is a real crude discussion! And I don't know why I get involved in it! Someone said that I was one of the commentators above. I don't know why. Because this pic is a repost of mine? I personally can life with it that Connie uploaded it again! I bet a lot of people see it the first time now and it is a beautiful pic! I bet I had uploaded some repost too! I think it isn't possible anymore NOT uploading one from time to time! Is that the reason my pics get downvoted? You all don't make it easy to upload some pics here.
2009-09-21 08:26:39
Thanks Connie, I'm not sure how I'd do in a job like that, but I might enjoy it ...if it worked :) And if I was working along side you, maybe we can't get to know each other too well in these little clips, but what I pick up from you is a person who is not afraid to speak her mind, but manages to do it with grace, and without losing her cool, and you are open minded enough to admit when your wrong, and to top it off you have a sense of humor. the trolls can troll on, but I don't think you will lose any sleep over it :)
2009-09-21 05:41:59
It is a lovely photo. Unfortunately, it's also a repost that triggered a great deal of anger. When I worked in the Human Resources field, we could have used an employee like you...the one who calms the troubled waters. The union officials would have had a hard time keeping their blustering winds ;-)
2009-09-21 05:34:24
PS and Huddle (same person) I want to correct some misconceptions that you have: 1 - My user name Connie IS registered. 2 - Poppy did not vote down your comment; I did, something I don't often do. 3 - I'm not Patito. I'm a 64 years old woman who finds you immature and irrational. Your out of control rage is starting to freak me out. 4 - Patito DID NOT lie to me; please re-read his comment. Like a good politician, he avoided answering the question ;-) 5. There can only be two people who would have reacted so strongly and so irrationally when I reposted this photo - Logan5 and I understand someone else posted it.
2009-09-21 00:16:05
All this yappin' an' cussin' an' fussin' and I believe this is the first time anybody's actually pointed out that this is a beautiful picture.. ....thank you Ma'm.
2009-09-20 23:33:34
Spectacular sunset connie! it's like an eruption of colors, there seems to be a storm brewing, it's as if the different colors are fighting with each other, some are peaceful and harmonious..while others are loud and conflicting and yet if you look off in the distance you can see a new day beginning to dawn. perhaps a bright clear day :)
2009-09-20 22:59:18
YeeeeHaaawww..boy howdy...we got the little turd rustlers goin' now, ain't we....just rattle their cages a bit and they provide all this delightfully entertaining rantin' and ravin'.....what fun.!!! And by the way, Trolls and/or Trollettes...please don't forget to have sexual intercourse with yourselves!!! : ) See, wasn't that nice , polite language ? :)
2009-09-20 21:43:56
FREE SPEECH? You want to sanctify your behaviour with FREE SPEECH and DEMOCRACY???? patito, you are a bigger asshole than I have ever imagined! How many times did you misstate other names before? I am in complete agreement that you are also the user "rifrug" in this comments! I also think that you and Connie are the same person! Connie cannot be SO stupid to endorse and defend your lying to her and to us in the way she's doing it here! Sorry. Too obvious. You should be ashamed of having done such things and shut up on the spot! You pissed down our backs and tell us it's raining! Unbelievable!
2009-09-20 19:52:14
I have not touched the votes of this page. I want people to SEE what garbage you write.
2009-09-20 19:05:47
Thank you poppy that you are showing us all that I am right: with your votingpower of 3 you just did what I said!!You are just predictable! Haha!! But I like to hear patito (and not his servant) how he explain his behaviour here!
2009-09-20 18:40:46
Oh, I have to specify it: I gave this sentence back to you, Connie and patito with a big laugh!!! Thanks.
2009-09-20 18:34:40
You really want change the discussion? patito lied to all others ON PURPOSE! My name is just a sign to express what I think about patito! And he confirmed it in a spectacular way!!! "All you're capable of is downvoting our comments and upvoting yours". I give this sentence back to YOU with a big laugh!!!
2009-09-20 18:16:19
"The question is: Why did you take another name to write comments here??????????" - You have the nerve to say that when you - the biggest coward on Pixdaus - hide behind many nicks while safely carrying on the business of posting pics under another name, staying out of trouble and being Mr Nice Guy. This is really comic. I could write a book on you. All you're capable of is downvoting our comments and upvoting yours...
2009-09-20 17:56:22
@Connie "Patito did not deny he was Pierre. He simply said he is not guilty of drinking bad whiskey." Wake up connie! He did deny! YOU asked him and he denied! Your answers here could conclude that you knew before that Pierre was patito and you played patitos game to cheat the audience... But perhaps patito and Connie are the same person (Connie is not a registered user!!! - But she said "As Poppy suggested, please register your user name"...) Connies comments could transfered one-to-one as patito-comments... Patito take Pierres name on purpose cause he needed someone with a upload-background! patito fooled the audience on bad faith! He made the audience believe that he has a lot of supporters here! What has this to do with "free speech" or "democracy"??? That is non of them, that is just simply LYING!!!! I bet patito is also "rifrug"! An unregistered user with some pics who is suddenly gushing for patito! What an excuse patito will have for this name? @poppy blablabla... Who cares what you said, feel or think... And last but not least to our multi-talented big-mouthed liar patito: It is so funny to see how you try to explain what you've done! The best thing is that you and your paladins try to blame the real Pierre cause he did not registered his name! But that is not the question! The question is: Why did you take another name to write comments here?????????? You, the great troll-hunter? The man who offended others just when he THINK it was a troll?? I wonder that you are still here! You better shut up, asshole, cause no one (except poppy and connie) will believe you now. And I like to close in your words: "Go and fuck yourself, asshole!"
2009-09-20 08:57:38
To Patito sucks: You’re always the person who starts these tirades and unwarranted attacks, and when those of us who are attacked answer you back, you go off the deep end… You hide behind various nicks, the coward that you are, while safely carrying on the business of posting pics under another name, staying out of trouble and being Mr Nice Guy. Your attacks on us make no sense whatsoever – what have we ever done to you? You accuse others of using offending language when you yourself are a master at it, but you have one set of rules for yourself and another for the rest of us. You’re totally incapable of making contact with people in a normal way, so you seek attention by trolling those of us who are able to make friends and have pleasant contact with one another. You’re on the outside, looking in, and you don’t like it… I feel sorry for you – almost.
2009-09-20 06:32:12
Oh, let him/her rant and rave Ms C...he has no idea how amusing it is, or how much pleasure I derive from imagining him/her frantically pounding out these frothing-at-the-mouth for the free-speech issue you've raised, I have some pretty strong suspicions that several of these trolls come from places where free speech is an unfamiliar concept and democracy exists in name only....that might help explain their behavior here.....
2009-09-20 05:13:28
PS - If Pixdaus kicked Patito off this site, they would be stifling free speech. My opinion, and I could be very wrong, is that the majority of premium users would probably quit Pixdaus in protest; I certainly would. Free speech is the cornerstone of democracy. Each of us, no matter how trivial the issue may be, has a responsibility to help ensure free speech. At no time, did you, Huddle and Patito make comments that violated human rights - example racism. When some trolls have made such comments, Pixdaus has not always been quick to remove them. I don't think they have kicked anyone out for using such comments. However, with regards to swearing, you and Patito have got to stop using such vulgar words; it's out of control. It would be unreasonable for Pixdaus to kick Patito out of the site for commenting under the username 'Pierre'. That name is not registered; anyone can use it - fair or not. Patito did not deny he was Pierre. He simply said he is not guilty of drinking bad whiskey. He might have avoided answering the question, but nonetheless, he did not deny. I am a Canadian of French descent; one of my parents was born in France. I can safely say that the name 'Pierre' is a generic name for a Frenchman. As Poppy suggested, please register your user name. Patito's comment under the user name Pierre was so Patito, that any long time persons on Pixdaus, would have caught on. I don't think that Patito made much of an effort to hide his true identity. I'm just sorry that my comment to Patito about being 'Pierre' ignited such anger, and I apologize for that.
2009-09-20 03:47:20
Aaaahh! The best things in life are free! (And I wasn't here to see it live!) ;-) The biggest "cum-sucking goat-fucker" (I try to use words patito understand) is a troll of his own! As (the original) Pierre pointed out, patito used his name in bad faith, cause Pierre is a non registered user who has uploaded some pics, so patitos standard-question "Where are YOUR pics?" have a background! And your pretext is more than poor ("generic name")! Haha! And now this idiot patito came along and incriminated PIERRE that his name isn't registered!!!! Sorry but YOU take his name! You take another name! TROLL!! ("...then it becomes your problem, not mine..." It WILL BE your problem, when Pixdaus hopefully will kick your ass out!!) He denied it when Connie asked if patito has written the comments as "Pierre"!! He ANSWERED on his own troll-comments like a stranger!!!!! patito is such a liar!!!! @Connie: Why should "the majority of the 'premium' voters ... probably quit"??? They should quit if this asshole STAYS on Pixdaus and carry on with his offendings! But please go with him and take Artemis and poppy ("after all, you're not the only Pierre in the world") with you! Without this lying freak Pixdaus would be a much better place! You better keep your trap shut, patito! And thanks for confirm my opinion about you! And patito: to say it in your words "GO AND FUCK YOURSELF! :)"
2009-09-19 23:07:19 old friend puddle, the illegitimate offspring of a female member of the species canis domesticus ...I've promised Ms Connie I would try to use nicer languge, you see, and I'm so happy you've given me the opportunity to tell you to go and have sexual intercourse with yourself... I am not surprised to see that you continue to be an enormous,vengeful, spiteful anal sphincter ...have a nice day :p
2009-09-19 22:49:24
As Ms Poppy has pointed out, Pierre, your name is not registered. Had you registered it I would not have been able to post a comment using it. And no, I don't think you're stupid. I think you're a pretty good photographer, actually, and I am, in general, an admirer of French culture and civilization. Now...I've apologized to you three times for an honest mistake, and either you have the grace and the class to accept that apology or you don't . If you do, that's good. If you don't, then it becomes your problem, not mine. Peace !
2009-09-19 20:47:49
Unbelievable! I fall for the TROLL "patito"!! The self-proclaimed leader of the decency commission at Pixdaus is perhaps the greatest troll of them all! All your bluster and offending words and than you go and create imaginary "supporters" to confirm yourself! I hope the admis will kick you out, patito! If you had balls you will leave on your own! Everything you said before or in the future is a matter of unimportance right now! What an asshole...
2009-09-19 18:43:22
Pierre, your name is not registered. Register it, please, only then will it be yours and yours only. Unregistered names, unfortunately, often get used by others also... after all, you're not the only Pierre in the world.
2009-09-19 17:52:11
Excuse me, patito. You now want to say that you use my name by accident as "a sort of generic name for Frenchmen"? But the first question you ask someone WITH MY NAME was about how many pictures he uploaded before knowing well that I am a user with some (selfmade) pictures! You didn't ask that with a new created, "blank" name! You take my name and account on purpose and in bad faith! And then you "talk" to me "Hey Pierre..mon ami..merci..."! What's going on in your mind?? And this crazy "accent"! You think I am stupid cause I am French??? I will not accept your apology cause you had use my name deliberately. If the admins will not react, I will report you again cause I am not able to establish understanding for your manners. Pierre
2009-09-19 04:29:10
Sorry, sincere apology...I didn't know the name was a registered nick, and thought that if it was the system would't allow me to use it...and Pierre is, after all, a sort of generic name for Frenchmen, the way Paddy is for Irishmen, or Ivan is for Russians, or Jock is for a Scot... and these are not silly games...if you have not been victimized by trolls count your blessings, but some of us have been and we fight back anyway we can....that said, I apologize again for involving you in this fight...
2009-09-19 03:52:22
Monsieur Pierre - if Pixdaus kicked Patito from the site, the majority of the 'premium' voters would probably quit, including protest against suppressing free speech. Pixdaus would be left with massive uploaders who repost over and over again. You can't stop free speech Pierre. I, personally, have no problem with both of you, and Huddle, going back and forth; it's actually entertaining. However, the language needs to be cleaned up by both of you. Young people not only look at photos - they also read the comments. The trolls are another matter. They make life, on Pixdaus, unpleasant for the folks they target. They are stalkers.
2009-09-19 03:38:34
Did I not always say this is a loonie bin? Sometimes, we (the loonies) stay quiet in the bin, but other times we erupt like a volcano, and all this lava spews out. Some of it is funny, but some of the 'blue' language isn't because of young people reading the comments. Mind you, they pick it up in the school yards.
2009-09-18 18:00:08
I thought I was in Pixdaus, but accidentally entered a madhouse. I'm outta here!
2009-09-18 17:55:09
y'all shut up, I'm trying yo get some sleep.
2009-09-18 17:42:40
Who the fuck do you think you are patito? Who do you think you are using my name my account for your silly games?? I reported you and your IP to the admin!!!
2009-09-18 10:45:57
I may be guilty of a lot of things, Ms C, but drinking bad whiskey is not one of them.. :)
2009-09-18 10:07:23
Hey Patito, have you put a beret on and become French...with purposely poor spelling? The word 'genteel' was a bit of a giveaway ;-) You've read Mr. Pitito for some years?.....guruff guruff, heehee, oink oink, wink wink.... Genteel and polite? Perhaps, but with a rough edge, and swears like a drunk Irishman after too much bad wiskey. I think that 'Pierre' and huddle should face each other at 10 paces, sunrise tomorrow. Choice of weapon is Pierre's....cause I like his cute French name. The name Huddle doesn't do a thing for me. You may both choose your seconds. En garde!!!
2009-09-18 08:37:18
Hey Pierre..mon ami..merci...but you're wasting your time and energy trying to argue or converse logically with this troll....that's all he is, and all he wants to do is stir up shit and cause your breath...Hey huddle or muddle or puddle...I don't waste my time arguing with trolls like you...I just tell 'em to go fuck themselves ! Sooooo...go fuck yourself ! : )
2009-09-18 07:46:19
What a pity! You didn't answer one of my questions. But I will try to answer yours. Ad 1: He is it obviously no more! He lost this status. Ad 2: Provocation? It could. Reason for bluster? No. Ad 3: Who's shouting in an argument has already lost!
2009-09-18 07:34:16
"Sic Semper Trollium!" was a war cry Patito came up with in mid-June when we had a flair-up of trolls. See Premium members had the facility to add to the tags, remember? It was more trouble than it was worth because some members abused it all the time by adding nasty comments, dirty words, and repost!!!! and duplicate!!!! and any old rubbish to the tags all the time... therefore Pixdaus stopped it. It served the trolls and loonies very well, but the benefits were slim. On hundreds of pics, well-meaning people had added tags that were spelled wrong, or they gave wrong names for plants, animals, locations, etc. – Today, misspelled tags are becoming more and more common, so what are they good for? Nothing.
2009-09-18 07:27:22
However, my dearsir, I am reading the commentary of Mr Pitito for some years, and he is invariably the genteel and polite person, and thoughful, is he not? Perhaps thereis some provokation, could it not be so? You know, even the mild and gentle man will fire his pistol when set upon by the villanous nave, will he not?
2009-09-18 07:01:10
Is it not allowed to post comments here when you didn't upload a picture? That would be a new fact! When I upload a pic, would it help you to understand the above-mentioned comment a little bit better? But an uploaded pic wouldn't change the content of the comment, would it?
2009-09-18 06:46:57
And Mr Huddle, dear sir, where are the many fine photographs you yourself have posted here, may I be so bold as to inquire?
2009-09-18 06:36:11
Poppy, thank you for your comments. A couple of years ago, I had saved 1000s of photos...for a specific purpose which did not pan out (no money involved). So, when I discovered Pixdaus, I started to upload those photos. Unfortunately, I had not realized that we could do a search (me being computer illiterate). Gradually, I started to see quite a few of the same photos under "Other cool pics from Pixdaus...". So, I went through all the photos on Pixdaus, and I ended up deleting 100s of photos I had previously saved. There are too many photos now on Pixdaus to go through them all. I still think that the search under 'tag' helps somewhat. It would be very effective if tagging was used properly. A solution could be that Pixdaus make tagging a mandatory requirement before a photo can be uploaded. They could also give permission to premium users to add to the tags if there are errors (ex: giving the wrong name to an animal or flower). Again today, Fardin posted a lot duplicates. Pooya also shops a lot for her uploads at Pixdaus, but not to the extent of Fardin. In their cases, it happens too often for it to be considered a 'coincidence'. I'm pretty sure I know who 'Patito sucks' is, and I think you do also. What does 'Sic Semper Trollium' means? It's latin?
2009-09-18 06:36:09
Sorry, but I had to laugh, rifrug! On the one hand you wrote "And do the other people visiting this site find the language used acceptable?" and on the other "Lastly, sorry Patito, you dont deserve something like that."!! I have to ask you: Did you read patitos comments lately? HE is the master of scatology here!! Everybody with a behaviour and a diction like patito "deserve it" every minute! I am against trolls too but patitos bluster is beneath Pixdaus' (and its audience) dignity.
2009-09-18 05:42:29
Is "patto sucks" and "patito sucks" the same person? I find it hard to believe we can have two such idiots, one is already too much. And do the other people visiting this site find the language used acceptable? It's stupid comments like that that make me rather stay away from this site. What a pity it get's ruined like that. Lastly, sorry Patito, you dont deserve something like that.
2009-09-17 21:03:40
Liar! You're the biggest asshole idiot on Pixdaus. There was a very nice, civil discourse that accompanied the antler picture posted by kev, yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I wanted to pay my respects to the participants and thank them for their classy debate, but before I got around to commenting, it was too late. You'd already come along and uglied up the whole damn page with your bullshit. Thanks a lot, asshole.
2009-09-17 20:59:02
Connie: As you said, the ranting and raving of 'patito sucks' over a duplicate is in no way in proportion to the massive uploads of fardin who takes his/her pics from Pixdaus files. 'Patito sucks' is not only acting as a troll but he is better known under another name as a poster who does much underhanded mole work all over the site. Moreover, 'patito sucks' is not the same troll as the troll of the 'poopy sucks' series (I have 30 different names on the list of trolls that have been chasing me (mostly) and then also you and Patito). No point in doing tag searches, Connie. The Search bar only reacts to words that are found in captions, and to categories listed, and to the words that are found in Tags cloud. Which means that most of the tags are useless in the first place. Added to that, a great number of posters never write any tags or even captions, so the searches are a complete waste of time. My advice is to go to photo sites where the photographers post their own pics and take new pics from there, but even that is not foolproof... – Just keep posting your good pics, Connie! It is one thing to unknowingly post a 'normal' duplicate (which can - and does - happen to ALL of us) and quite another to take pics from the files of Pixdaus posters. The latter method is not only despicable and underhanded but also a deliberate and calculated effort by the wrongdoer to thumb his/her nose at those of us who had posted the original uploads. Fardin is currently one such 'thief', and he/she is nothing but the worst kind of troll there is. Sic Semper Trollium!
2009-09-17 20:21:07
You're on a right track, Jack. ;-)
2009-09-17 17:28:25
I can't read clearly in the morning: patito said "I'm pretty sure it ISN'T Logan!" (Sorry for that, patito!) But the rest of my comment stands! And I will vote Logans pictures UP! Cause I think they were downvoted because of me! And that's not fair!
2009-09-17 17:15:29
I am not Logan5! My God, you really expect that I now WHO uploaded this pic before??? It WAS uploaded before, two times! Who cares about the uploader?? My comment was not against Connie! I just want to show how patito deal with other users! But the prejudgment just begun ("I'm pretty sure it isn't Logan"-patito) so everybody feels free to downvote his pictures now and before! Haha! This is a great kindergarten! Sorry Logan5 that they treat you because of me!
2009-09-17 14:30:17
We can't get to the bottom of this, JS, by using reason or logic or common sense.....there isn't any way to understand psychosis( the behaviour of individuals who are neither reasonable or logical and who have no common sense) except to understand them as examples of some kind of behavioral pathology....if they were normal, sane humans, they wouldn't be trolls...I'm pretty sure it isn't Logan...
2009-09-17 13:28:51
Most likely the only people that would express this anger is one of the other two that uploaded it. I know it was uploaded by Logan5. Please tell me you are not Logan5. Who was the other? Anyone know?
2009-09-17 12:56:22
Ms C...whoa...don't feed this troll..I've already made the mistake of dignifying his remarks by repsonding to them...NOTHING any of us can say will effect the inalterable fact that this is a psycho.....ignore him and help us make the case with the admin to allow registered users only to post comments.....and oh yes..Mr Troll..don't forget to fuck yourself !!! :P
2009-09-17 12:49:33
Many on Pixdaus knew I was going to France for over a month. I'm certainly not going to review about five weeks of postings. I sometimes don't have time to look at all the photos being posted now. Because of massive uploaders like Fardin and Pooya, I tend to scroll down fast and miss some photos that others have posted, and it's not fair to them. Mind telling me which other photos I have duplicated? It's possible I have done so. But, at least, I make every effort not to duplicate. What you refuse to understand is that Fardin and Pooya consistently and purposely TAKE PHOTOS FROM PIXDAUS and repost a MASSIVE amount of them at one time. If they did not do that, the voters would give them a fair vote. At this point I got 2 votes for this repost; I should have, at the very least, gotten 0.
2009-09-17 12:31:05
Hey patito!! You win the award for the biggest asshole idiot on pixdaus!!! You don't post dupes - you post CRAP!!!! Have a nice day!! asswipe!!! : )
2009-09-17 11:38:37
Dear Ms C....just ignore this....he's just another troll and you will NOT be able to get anywhere by arguing or explaining anything in a rational manner...all he wants to do is cause contention ...just keep suggesting to the admin that registered users only be allowed to make comments..that's the only way we're going to rid ourselves of these dipshits....and oh, by the way Mr, Troll..have a nice day..and don't forget to fuck yourself : )
2009-09-17 11:20:15
Oh my how fucking convient!! "I was away in France" I use google France" why don't you and patito go fuck yourselves!!!! It's people like you who make a mockery of this site!! You have posted so many DUPES they are coming out your ass!!!!!!
2009-09-17 10:46:41
Dear patito sucks, I don't know what was posted while I was away for over a month in Europe. I don't have the time to go through about five weeks of uploads. Therefore, I now search for photos using Google France and keying my search words in French. So, I thought I was safe from duplicating. Also, I did a search using various words and that photo did not come up. Perhaps you could tell me who posted it and what they put under the tag. I would like to apologize to the original poster. It's pretty much a guarantee that we will re-post some photos at times, simply because there are 1000s of photos on Pixdaus. What Patito (albeit in a colourful way) and others are saying is that the great majority of photos Fardin and Pooya upload are duplicates, and they post far too many at a time. They get their photos from Pixdaus instead of taking the time to look for photos in other sites. They have consistently done that, and that's what annoys folks who make the effort to search the internet for new photos and try to ensure they are not duplicates. When Fardin and Pooya post so many photos at a time, it does not allow us to look at each one and vote fairly. In their cases, I think that many folks just scroll down past their names or automatically vote negative out of annoyance.
2009-09-17 09:57:34
Hey patito! Is Connie now a lazy, low-life, photo-stealin' goat-fucker??? Cause this pic is a duplicate!! It showed up here a couple of weeks ago - TWICE!!! Have fun.