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Old Comments:

2009-12-12 03:17:17
I'm green with envy. I've only seen them on TV.
2009-12-12 00:05:38
I was actually fortunate enough to be present at a performance of this incredible duo several years ago while visiting Boca de la Mosca on the Bay of Campeche. Branimir and Emerik were joined by a children's choir from Santo Pujando de la Llanta Desinflada, and it was a stunning and unforgettable experince....
2009-12-11 19:32:57
This is the world-famous duo of Branimir Tadijanović (the man) and Emerik Taurus (the bull). Branimir plays a mih, which is a folk instrument resembling the bagpipes, while Emerik sings opera in his fabulous basso cantante voice, his best roles being Don Alfonso from Così fan tutte and Zaccaria from Nabucco. The duo travels all over the world, and their talents are the talk of the town wherever they go. As much money as Emerik makes from his singing he makes from courting pretty cow maidens who are willing to pay huge sums of money to spend the night with him in the hopes that they might give birth to a male offspring that would have a talent like Emerik’s. We all know what happens to old cows when they can no longer produce milk? They end up in McDonald’s. The cows would much rather end up in the Swiss Alps, residing in Papa Fröhlich’s Retirement Home for Cows, for which their operatic sons would pay the fees.