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Old Comments:

2008-08-30 15:03:16
Yawn. That post makes it look like I would actually waste time trying to track down a troll. I bet you'll neg vote the heck out of it so that it appears to be a legitimate message from me as well...
2008-08-30 14:50:37
I found the trolls homepage, if anyone is interested. It does a lot to explain why they are so messed up and I think it will help us get rid of them. It looks like there is a way to report them.
2008-08-30 13:09:23
Life keeps me occupied , and I need to do more research for photos . thats a few hrs. in it self. I work 10 hour shift , so on days i work , I'm pretty drained. I'm still around , just not enough time = sometime . I'll be uploading my 50 photos this weekend . hee=hee ! (And remember I told you my hubby was a computer hog ) So between work & him ,I don't get out much ! Doing Great,Thanks for asking ! and hope your having a good one too !
2008-08-30 11:56:46
Nice sunset picture lilly. My vote was taken away again, how are you tonight? seems like you come and go pretty fast lately.