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Old Comments:

2008-05-19 05:12:14
haven't notice it myself, just taken photo on the spur of the moment on my way home.
2008-05-18 19:23:48
It's interesting that in our ordinary looking around at the world we are able to 'not see' power lines, poles, etc...they are so ubiquitous we tend to just block them out unconsciously ... but they sure show up in photos...something to look out for, since they can sure mess up an otherwise nice shot..
2008-05-18 19:13:11
Sunflower, despite your beautiful name: Don't you ever have sunsets where you live? You'll see one some day, and perhaps the view won't have a powerline running through it, either.
2008-05-18 19:00:23
wow South Africa :) Beautiful