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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2011-06-14 04:38:03
I know nothin' you goofball, but I thank yer for the information. I reckon I'm gonna get me a shotgun, find me those bad old boys (the bobs - not to be confused with the gobs who are the good old boys, a bunch of sissies), and I'm a gonna fill those vermins full of lead holds. The're just a bunch of yellow belly cowards hiding behind different names, like a calf hidin' behind its mama.
2011-06-14 03:39:44
Well for starters, anno1973 is either patito or one his cyberpals, and AlyssaGrasshopper, same q and Mr. I. Spyman are undoubtedly patito himself. But, of course, you already know all of this.
2011-06-13 22:14:06
What assumed names are patito and his pals using? I'd like to keep an 'eye' on the old fart.
2011-06-13 21:31:26
Yes, I am an oldtimer. Certainly I will admit that, why won't you? Old enough and smart enough to spot frauds like anno1973, AlssaGrasshoper and same q. I also don't answer questions with another question. Isn't this an old patito ploy? I am also smart enough, and have been around long enough, to know that it is not smart to post under my normal name when patitio and his pals are back in swing (albeit under assumed names).
2011-06-13 08:06:52
So, who are you Who is anno1973? It is obvious that you are not a new user, but rather an oldtimer that is now writing under a new 'alias' name.
2011-06-13 05:18:43
So, who are you anno1973? It is obvious that you are not a new poster, but rather an oldtimer that is now posting under a new 'alias' name.
2011-06-12 18:11:53
This is amazing. I absolutely love it!