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Old Comments:

2010-08-15 20:24:36
Yours got downvoted because it was posted many times on pixdaus, that pic has been all over the web for a few years
2010-08-15 20:22:41
To Just Me: Yes, how about you? The fact is that this is one of the most frequently posted pictures on Pixdaus. The original post had hundreds of votes, and it was one of the top pictures of all time, and many duplicates made it to triple digits also. In January 2010, hundreds of top pictures just vanished for an unknown reason, this one among them. As to the duplicates, they'd be impossible to find if the posters did not enter tags and/or titles. I managed to find one under 'lightning' and it has 160 votes:
2010-08-15 19:31:45
Both PictureGirl and Gabrielle have complained that their recent photo uploads of sunsets have been downvoted (albeit very slightly). I am thinking "how about me". This photo, which I feel is superior to either of theirs received a lot of downvotes and ended up at -10, even after one person added it to their favourites. Voting on Pixdaus is obviously not fair and is based on factors rather than artistic merit. There have been 450 photo uploads that can be found by doing a search for "sunrise". My photo is in last place among those, 450 out of 450.