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Old Comments:

2009-09-05 09:38:55
Actually, some of your photos received a number of positive votes..the shots from Graz, Austria, were voted up, as well as the shot of Corfu..did you take all those photos? I believe my personal favorite of yours, the Anemonia, should have received more votes, but as all adults know, life is neither fair nor more thing..I have posted some of my own photos here...some did well..some did not...and in fact, most of the ones that didn't do well were really not very good this 'Sunrise' of yours which isn't really very good either...I'd suggest you work on improving your technique rather than insulting the rest of us...
2009-09-05 09:12:36
Thanks for downvoting my pictures, you picture thiefs. You have no pictures taken with your hands and brains, but you all are experts and "have an eye" for pictures stolen from the web sites.